Reliability Engineering

At the organisational level, reliability and safety assessment is a great starting point to determine priorities for improving reliability program. It is a quick and thorough evaluation of most elements of the organisation’s approach and execution to achieving reliable products.  At the product level, we offer wide range of services across the product lifecycle as listed below.

Our services across the product lifecycle

Manufacturing Phase

  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS).
  • On-Going Reliability Testing (ORT).
  • Vendor Reliability Program Assessment.
  • Repair Depot Setup.
  • Failure Reporting and Correction Action System (FRACAS).

Installation and Operational Phase

  • RAM Demonstration Analysis.
  • Degradation Analysis.
  • Warranty Performance Analysis.

Project Management

We plan the system assurance activities in different phases of the project as per the applicable standards:-

  • System Assurance Plan
  • RAM Plan
  • Safety Plan
  • RAM Prediction Report
  • FTA Analysis
  • FMECA Report
  • RAM Test/Demonstration Plan
  • RAM Test Analysis and Test Report