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Availability Analysis of the Baggage Handling System (BHS), T3 Terminal, IGI Airport, New Delhi, India
The Baggage Handling System (BHS) installed by Siemens at T3 Terminal, IGI Airport, New Delhi, India was designed to achieve a 99% availability. Reliability Centre India analysed the field data of the Baggage Handling System to evaluate the Availability of the BHS.

We automated the computation of the Availability performance parameter by integrating it with the BHS diagnostic software and visually displayed the performance.

The BHS was analysed in a manner whereby the following was evaluated:-
(a) Availability of the complete BHS system
(b) Availability of the Departure Conveyor System
(c) Availability of the Arrival Conveyor System
(d) Availability of L3-L5 X-Ray Screening system
(e) Availability of OOG/SOOG conveyors
(f) Availability of individual conveyors
Siemens India contracted Reliability Centre to generate Operation/Maintenance documents for the Baggage Handling System of Delhi Airport Express Line.
The Express Line baggage handling system from Siemens will offer passengers an added convenience: travellers to the airport will be able to check their baggage in at the metro stations at New Delhi City Airport Terminal Station and Shivaji Stadium City Airport Terminal Station. There they will be able to pick up their boarding cards, get on the Airport Express and ride to the international airport.
Siemens has contracted Reliability Centre India on 23 Aug 2010 to generate the following documents for the Baggage Handling System (BHS) fitted in the Delhi Airport Express Line:-
(a) Operational Manual
(b) Maintenance Manual
Siemens Singapore contracted Reliability Centre for Reliability Engineering Services
Siemens was awarded the contract to supply BHS for the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link, Bangkok, Thailand. Siemens as per the contract shall employ the Railway RAMS process to provide the necessary Quality of Service, Passenger care, comfort and convenience.

Siemens Singapore contracted Reliability Centre India on 07 July 2010 to provide the following Reliability Engineering services:-

(a) Reliability Demonstration Test Plan
(b) Reliability Test Report

Project in Zambia
We managed US $2.3 million project of laying Optical Fibre cable and setting up antennas on Mobile Telephone towers in Malawi and Zambia.

Projects with Siemens
We undertook RAMS analysis of BHS system designed by Siemens for their projects in India and Thailand.

Software Audit
We have conducted manual testing and auditing of the software. Common problems and software failures encountered in e-governance projects.